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Traditional Cat Scratcher Cardboard, ALL Types

Traditional Cat Scratcher Cardboard, ALL Types

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Cat is an animal that can be hard to figure out. Even when we try to spoil them with fancy, pricey, and adorable items, they often prefer simple and affordable options. Thankfully, we can now find all sorts of cheap and user-friendly scratching pad that our beloved they will surely enjoy them.

Cheap and useful scratching pad! Cats scratch to relive stress, anxiety and boredom, Well, perhaps also share their joy anger or fear, But the important thing is scratching pad redirect their attention form furniture even your clothes. Okay I don’t want to do a cat behavior report, I just wanna say, this pad is cheep and useful, every family which has furry friend lives in knows that! Buy it! never goes wrong.

Line scratcher size :43.5×19×4 centimeter

Wave scratcher size:43.5×21.5×5.5 centimeter

Arch: 43×21×3.5 centimeter

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