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Huge Size and Extra Huge Size Cat Scratchers

Huge Size and Extra Huge Size Cat Scratchers

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Provide your lovely cat with a comfortable scratching space while protecting your furniture. Our cat scratchers, available in 60cm and 80cm lengths, are spacious enough for your cat to stretch out freely. Crafted from sturdy and durable materials, they ensure that even with prolonged use, they maintain their stability. This scratcher not only fulfills your cat's needs but also shields your furniture from damage. Moreover, the larger size doesn't mean a higher price tag; we offer it at a more affordable price point.

MiMi's Note:

This cat scratcher is larger than most cat scratchers on the market, it is suitable for large cats or multi-cat households. The 3-layer hard corrugated cardboard reduces cardboard waste and Increases service life, to protect your furnitures. Cats can use it to sharpen their claws sleep and relax. This scratcher price is cheaper than others on the market and also bigger than them, Aren't you excited? Buy it now enjoy the tax free.

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