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Pizza Hidden Sniffing Mat

Pizza Hidden Sniffing Mat

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Your lovely dog deserves the best care and entertainment, and we bring you this intricately designed, multifunctional sniffing mat to let your pet revel in the joy of exploration and foraging. Inspired by the classic pizza, this sniffing mat cleverly combines a dog's natural instincts with the visual appeal of a delicious pizza, aiming to stimulate your pet's olfactory and visual senses.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the mat ensures durability and comfort while being easy to clean. Its unique design creates a lifelike pizza pattern, easily capturing your pet's attention and offering them an engaging experience as they delve into the exploration. The hidden food compartments inside allow you to effortlessly conceal small treats or dog food, triggering your pet's hunting instincts and turning the search for food into an entertaining challenge.

Our Pizza-Styled Dog Sniffing Mat not only provides enriching mental stimulation for pets but also helps alleviate anxiety and boredom. It's an ideal choice for pet training, intellectual development, and fostering interactive play. Let your beloved pet spend quality time in joy, fostering a closer bond with you.

Committed to delivering the highest quality pet product experience, this pizza-themed sniffing mat will become your and your pet's favorite recreational choice. Whether for daily amusement or training purposes, it will be an indispensable tool in your pet care arsenal. Don't let your pet feel bored, grab our Pizza Dog Sniffing Mat now and let your pet enjoy a life full of challenges and fun!

All four small cushions on the cushion can be taken out, and two of them can be used as educational toys for dogs alone. When you take out the pizza on all the mats, it becomes a sleeping mat. The main fabric of the sniffing pad is polar fleece, which is soft and skin-friendly, and does not hurt the dog's nose.
Anti-skid particles at the bottom, effectively grip the ground, it is not easy for dogs to move the mat. Suitable for all dogs or other animals of all ages. It helps to train the dog's smell, and can consume the dog's energy and help the dog lose weight. It makes the food more interesting. Energy-consuming smell training is to walk several times at a time, which can reduce the stress of pets.

Easy to clean and store, the dog sniffing pad can be machine cleaned, and used for outdoor travel and play.


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